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Nursing Manager (Clinical Governance)

Nursing Manager (Clinical Governance)


Two year contract (with an option to be renewed).

A client situated in Mauritius is recruiting a Clinical Governance Nursing Manager to join their organisation on a two year contract (with an option to be renewed).

Job Summary:

Responsible for the supervision of Charge Nurses, Registered Nurses, the clinical staff, as well as the ancillary medical service providers, the maintenance of quality patient care in compliance with local regulations and accreditation standards.

The Nurse Manager is responsible for directing and supervising all nursing and ancillary medical services. This includes interpreting policies and procedures, standards and regulations, and adjusting staff for adequate coverage.

Essential Functions:

1) Staff Development and Management (30%)

  1. Assist and support in all human resources functions for nursing and ancillary service including hiring, firing, and disciplinary action; maintains appropriate documentation and ensures compliance with all hospital care policies and requirements;
  2. Ensures that staffing levels and coverage are adequate to meet patient care and regulatory requirements;
  3. Assumes managerial duties for performance evaluations and maintains systems to provide regular feedback and evaluation for employees;
  4. Works closely with supervisors and other Care Managers to maintain positive patient care atmosphere in the hospital;
  5. Assist the Director of Operations in developing and implementing staff training and development programs to meet continuing education and contractual requirements and further knowledge of medical care and working in a team environment;

2) Program Planning and Management (20%)

  1. Assist the Director of Operations to provide overall direction and guidance for nursing programs in the hospital;
  2. Works closely with all HODS as appropriate, to ensure that nursing program and ancillary meet patient care and regulatory requirements;
  3. Oversees and controls supplies that directly impact patient care (e.g., ordering and charging of stock medications, medical supplies and patient care equipment and/or supplies);

3) Quality Management (30%)

  1. Assist the Director of Operations to provide Quality Management/Patient Safety/Infection Control direction and oversight for nursing and  ancillary activities in the hospital

4) Clinical Compliance (15%)

  1. Assures that nursing and ancillary staff practice within their individual scopes of practice.
  2. Work with Quality team to define, review, implement and maintain of Policies and Procedures for nursing protocols and programs and ensures that they comply with all regulatory and contract requirements;
  3. Participates in or conducts regular meetings with staff to ensure full understanding and buy-in for all Policy & Procedures (P&P);
  4. Participates as needed in all programs, licensure and other external audits and in the preparation of Corrective Action Plans (CAP)

5) Miscellaneous (5%)

  1. Participates in meetings as required;
  2. Other duties as assigned.

Job Qualifications and Experience:

  1. CHKS or JCI & Cohsasa Accreditation preferred
  2. Minimum of three years’ experience in direct patient care, preferably in a quality accredited hospital;
  3. Minimum of three years increasingly responsible nursing management experience preferably in outpatient setting.
  4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including strong organizational, detail and interpersonal skills;
  5. Computer skills and knowledge of word processing;

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