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Have your CV, Resumé or LinkedIn Profile professionally reviewed and formatted.

Recruitu cv formatting

You can get the job you want!

Have your CV, Resume or LinkedIn Profile formatted by an expert

You're often competing with many candidates for the same position and you need to display your experience and skills-set correctly to get the Recruiter's or Hiring Managers attention.

Our high impact CV & Resumé formats, emphasized with powerful and relevant content will help you achieve this.


With employers and Recruiters having little time to go through all CV’s or Resumés' they receive, it pays to get yours compiled by someone who knows what Recruiters, HR Departments or Hiring Managers are looking for. Whether you're unemployed, looking for a promotion or just fancy a change of career, RecruitU will ensure your CV, Resumé or LinkedIn Profile has the visual appeal and crucial components needed to support your application.


The advantage of using this service is that we know what to put in, what not to put in, and if you specialize in a certain area whether it being Finance, Insurance, Medical / Healthcare, ICT, HR, Construction, Mechanical, FMCG or Engineering etc. we will know how to word and format your profile correctly to ensure your information will stand out from your competition.


As an add-on service to students, graduates and the South African unemployment market, RecruitU also works with more junior candidates who are new to the job market and require their information presented in the correct manner. We offer career advice and provide you with the best of the industry trends and how to present yourself when applying to get into the job market.


There really is no substitute for taking advantage of our in-depth professional advice, experience and expertise.

This is the single most important document you will produce when searching for that next step in your career.

Our success in placing personnel is outstanding and we adhere to the APSO (Governing Body for Personnel Service Consultants) Code of Ethics.

When you use our service, you will receive professional advice and a well-formatted CV, Resumé or LinkedIn Profile delivered electronically in the shortest amount of time at an affordable cost.

Cost of your CV

Our fees for CVs are principally based on your level of experience and the length of the content.

For a personalised quotation we need to gather the information your consultant will need. Please email us and attach any images, existing cv's or other relevant documents. Word docs are preferred.